Strategies for addiction treatment in
New Psychoactive Substances in Europe

Handle it! is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership funded by the European Union. Within a professional European exchange of good practice between professionals, the project analyzes, connects and develope inpatient and outpatient treatment- and care-approaches and strategies for clients, who are using New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

NPS are synthetically produced designer drugs. Their psychoactive effect is similar to that of other illegal drugs, but often much stronger, so there is a higher risk for a heavy damage of the individual health (cardiovascular arrest, psychosis, longterm brain damage). However, the manufacturers take meticulous care to ensure that the individual ingredients are not explicitly prohibited – hence the misleading synonym “legal highs”.

Handle it! involves institutions from Croatia, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Austria.

Science based

The project “Handle it!” analyzes, connects and develope approaches and strategies in outpatient and inpatient addiction care and treatment services in a European exchange of good practice between professional staff members of seven social organisations from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

Network Project

Several week-long Learning-Teaching-Training-Activities allow a transfer of organizational knowledge from the local to the international level. The knowledge will be reflected, creatively stimulated and redirected to the professional staff members of the partner organisations as manageable tools .

Best practice

The methods are expert lectures, topicrelated workshops and working groups, research work, good-practice visits, case studies and case reviews and the development of treatment concepts for example.

Social Media Dokumentation

The project activities are accompanied by a mobile reporting, which allows an easier knowledge transfer to the treatment centers of the project partners and increases significantly the distribution and transparency to the public community, too.


staff survey

Dr. Dirk Kratz, Leader of „Therapieverbund Ludwigsmühle“ (Germany), provides a summary of the staff questionnaire evaluation so far in the

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