The first LTTA in Budapest (hungary) resulted in that working group whose aim was to develop a questionnaire that could be used in all facilities of the participating countries.

The aim is to improve the treatment and care services for consumers with addictive behaviour related to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) to get a better overview to NPS consumption patterns and motivation.

And so began the questionnaire development. First we met within online meetings to discuss which areas were most important for us to ask about the goal. This resulted in a large pool of questions from which we agreed on 16 within the group. Besides socio-demographic data, there were questions about NPS use, such as the contexts in which NPS was used, the reason or motivation for it or the type of drug. Afterwards, the questions were translated. Then the finished questionnaires were programmed with the help of a web application. After the programming and final changes to some of the questionnaires, we started to collect and distribute the questionnaire via the institutions and social networks. In total, the survey ran from mid-February to mid-April.

In the follow-up discussion within the working group it came out that the majority of the staff went through the questionnaire together with the clients, sometimes also in printed version.

Out of 1183 clicks, we received 210 completed questionnaires.  From the Austrian facility we received 27 data sets. From Croatia, 21 participants took part in the survey. In Hungary, 13 questionnaires were completed. From Italy we received 47. In Portugal, seven people completed the questionnaire. Within Germany, we had 39 completed questionnaires. Six were completed in the English version.

We are currently evaluating the questionnaires, which promises interesting results.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

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